We love the Bristol Pound – find out why!

//We love the Bristol Pound – find out why!

We love the Bristol Pound – find out why!

Why we love the Bristol Pound!
We are proud to accept Bristol Pounds, and we pay almost all our of suppliers in the currency. As well as sourcing our food locally, it helps us ensure that our money is staying in the local area.

It’s easy to use Bristol Pounds to pay for your order; at the checkout, one of the options is Bristol Pounds – if you select this option, you simply enter your Bristol Pound username and password, and your payment is processed in seconds.


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Four reasons to switch to Bristol Pounds

Using Bristol Pounds encourages the businesses you use to also spend more money locally, and so on. It is this continual circulation of money within the local economy that really builds the benefits of the Bristol Pound and makes it much more valuable than spending sterling. Bristol Pounds stay working on the ground for us; they stick to Bristol creating stronger communities and a greener economy.
Using the Bristol Pound is a great conversation starter; with each transaction you get a little buzz from knowing that you, and the business, are contributing to something amazing. It’s a great way to discover our city and find amazing local businesses you might otherwise never have heard of! The paper pounds are beautiful and the secure TXT2PAY system is Bristol innovation at its best.
The Bristol Pound values our communities and the environment over shareholders and profit. Money and banking can be made to work for people rather than against them. Bristol Pound is a not for profit scheme run in partnership with the Bristol Credit Union. Bristol Credit Union provides financial services to all people in the community regardless of income. Anyone in Bristol can be a member of the Bristol Pound; this is money that we can all control – not money that controls us.
The fees that Bristol Pound charge for processing payments is lower than the sterling provider (currently Paypal). This means that we lose less money in processing fees, and we can keep our prices as low as possible.


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What our members say

“I like spending B£ to keep the money in Bristol; it helps me feel I belong to a good system.” — Carol


“I love buying my groceries with Bristol Pounds as it feels good to know that I’m supporting independent businesses and making my money circle locally to benefit the city. It’s also easy as anything to pay in Bristol Pounds on the Real Economy website once you get your Bristol Pound account up and running.” — Ramona


How do I sign up?

It’s simple to sign up for a Bristol Pound account – simply go to their website and fill in the form. If you have moved house recently you might have to take ID to the Credit Union or the Bristol Pound office, but for most people it’s a quick online process.

Once you’re signed up, you can transfer money into your Bristol Pound account and start spending; not just with the Real Economy, there’s hundreds of other places in the city that accept Bristol Pounds!


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