The Case for Community Food Centres

//The Case for Community Food Centres

The Case for Community Food Centres

The news is stark. People living in lower income areas of the UK on average have up to sixteen years less healthy life and die up to ten years earlier than others. These shocking statistics are the starting point for a new study commissioned by Real Economy into the Case for Community Food Centres.

The study reviews the very complex scenario of hardship in the UK today and offers some surprising insights into the potential for increased fresh fruit and veg consumption to give us longer and healthier lives.
Did you know for example that leafy greens can slow the decline of our brain function with age?
Did you know that just 10% more fruit and veg consumption can give an average 7 months longer life expectancy?

It seems that the issues bearing down on people in hardship are much more than any handout or course can help with. Real Economy’s model of Community Food Centres built around providing healthy food, building community life and re-imagining our society seems to be just the sort of all encompassing approach that might make a difference.

Check out the full paper here

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