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One of our delicious colourful lunches!

The Real Economy Southmead Centre is a place for all residents who want to build a happier, healthier, more caring community, living in better relationship with the earth and one another. Activities at the centre will be based around the three pillars of good food, great community and inspiring ideas, and will include things such as:

– a weekly meal, cooked together from local produce and shared for as a communal lunch,
– growing food on available land in the area and building a productive community farm,
– supporting those going through difficult times, including help with access to quality food and opportunities to gain skills and experience,
– creating goods to sell, such as items crafted from waste materials or food products like pickles and preserves,
– discussing issues that are important to us and affect our daily lives; thinking about how we might re-imagine society and what action can be taken by the community to move towards a fairer, healthier and kinder society.

We want to contribute to the sense of community in the local area by providing a place where people can come and engage in creative activities for the good of themselves and their community. We hope that people will find a welcome at the Real Economy Centre and an opportunity to join with others in an activity that is worthwhile and in which they might learn new skills and knowledge and gain valuable experience.


Homemade pickles

The plot thickens!

Preparing veg for lunch

Freshly picked beans






We are creating a diverse and welcoming community and wish to include people with various skills and interests. If you have a particular skill that can be used for the good of the community in some way, then come and share it with us! Our aim is to shape the activities of the centre according to the interests and needs of local people.

We are inviting local services and agencies to recommend people to come to our centre who might benefit from taking part. We are also able to offer free and discounted food to people who are otherwise struggling to access or afford a healthy diet. Our model provides an alternative to the typical food bank model; we prioritize top-quality food, bought from local producers at fair prices, and distributed in a way that ensures dignity, anonymity and autonomy.

Our Real Economy Southmead centre is based at Southmead Community Centre and open to everyone living in, or near Southmead, as well as any volunteers who would like to join us from further afield.

Please get in touch with Florence if you would like to be involved.

 07429 957881
Southmead Community Centre
248 Greystoke Avenue
BS10 6BQ