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Real Economy (Bristol) Limited and Real Economy Trading Company Limited
In the light of General Data Protection Regulations – becoming law on 25 May 2018, we have reviewed our systems and ensured compliance as follows:
The Data Protection Officer is the Executive Director unless otherwise stated.
The information held by the companies and its use is as follows:
1. Individual users and suppliers on the Real Economy database:
Contact information is entered by the user/supplier and is accessible and alterable at all times by them via a secure interface. It is used by the companies to communicate with our users and suppliers on a contractual basis to make orders and receive supplies. It is never passed to third parties.
Users are specifically invited to opt in to receiving emails including our newsletter and can opt out of these communications using their own log in at any time. They also have the option to opt out of these communications at the end of each email.
2. Collection and processing of trading data.
As an online retail facility, we collect details of sales and purchases in a secure database. We use this data to negotiate with suppliers, make refunds, reconcile the bank accounts and analyse the performance of the business. We store this information for a period of six years in order to comply with regulatory requirements. This data is never made available to third parties and is only seen by authorised members of staff.
3. Use of Cookies
When visiting and using our website and shop you may have some or all of the following types of cookie set on your computer/device.
• PHP Session – Cookies used by our webserver software to differentiate users.
• WordPress – Cookies set by wordpress (our Content management system) to differentiate users and store preferences.
• Twitter – The twitter stream on our website sets a number of cookies – you can read about these here:
• Google Analytics – Cookies set by google analytics allow us to collate statistics on visitors usage of the our site. No personal details are passed to google and user IP addresses are anonymised before being stored.
4. Newsletter recipients
The website contains a positive, opt in, invitation to join a newsletter list which anyone can receive through the provision of an email address. This is managed by MailChimp as a third party. Every newsletter contains an invitation to opt out of receipt. Contact information is never passed to third parties.
5. Real Economy Centre participants
Referrals from advice and other agencies: We receive advice from referral agencies that they have referred a particular person to our Real Economy Centres. This may contain personal information concerning any particular vulnerabilities the person might present with and supplied on the basis of legitimate interest so that we can manage the Centre. Such information is only available to the member of staff overseeing the centre, is held secure and available to the client on request.

Storybank: We are collecting stories from Real Economy Centre participants using a consent basis. A consent form is collected for each story, detailing its possible uses, offering different levels of anonymity and providing for withdrawal of consent at any time.

Contact data: We collect participant contact data with a view to maintaining our relationship with participants on a legitimate interest basis. We use a specific form giving specific granular permission to contact people with a withdrawal option available through contact with the Centre worker.

6. Payment systems
Real Economy uses secure payment systems provided by external partners, such as SAGE pay, PayPal and Bristol Pound, who are responsible for their own data security. We have no access to personal data used to make payments.

7. Staff data
Details concerning staff employment, appointment, appraisal, job descriptions and all other HR functions are held by line managers under the authority of the Executive Director. Qtac Solutions work with us as a third party in the management of our monthly payroll and pension contributions.

8. Members of the Society
All users of the trading system and participants at our Centres are invited to become members of the charitable community benefit society known as Real Economy (Bristol) Limited when they respond positively to an invitation to attend a meeting of the society. They complete a membership form with contact details which is held securely on a legitimate interest basis to fulfil the obligations of the Society.

9. General
All staff have their own lists of contacts on their phones and other address books. These are updated as necessary and used to make individual communications. They are not used for bulk communications except as detailed above.

10. Requests for information about data held:
People asking for information about our data protection procedures will initially be referred to this audit/privacy statement. Requests for specific information held will be complied with within fourteen days.

Chris Sunderland
Executive Director Real Economy (Bristol) Limited
Executive Director Real Economy Trading Company Limited
Effective April 31st 2018