We are currently revising our list of producers as we make a transition to supplying most of our food clubs through the Food Hub. This list indicates some of the suppliers we have been pleased to work with up to now. If you are interested in supplying our Real Economy groups then click here for more information.

Caro’s Creams


Hi, I'm Caroline. I make herbal healing creams,salves and more from native UK, wild hedgerow herbs & flowers. I came to this after doing herbal medicine & foraging courses for years, I then had a little girl who developed eczema, so I started experimenting making herbal salves and hit upon my Calm-it-down, chickweed-based cream which cleared it in 3 days! And I’ve not looked back… I now make a range of natural herbal, healing creams, salves, deodorants and other products on a small scale from my home. I use locally foraged herbs where possible, as wild herbs are stronger, growing away from pollution. Where possible I infuse all oils twice with fresh herbs each time for extra potency, in my homemade solar cooker in the garden if the sun is shining. I put as much of the herbs as possible into the products to pass on all their benefits.   All the other ingredients are as natural, organic and the best quality I can source. The containers are all recyclable, or re-usable if you bring them back to me, and I make a donation to the Baby Bank Network for every 3 returned pots. All products are best kept out of direct [...]

Tamar’s Food


I have volunteered on farms and learned about horticulture over the years with the aim of having a more intimate connection with food, how it is grown and where it comes from. I learned how to make kimchi whilst studying on a horticulture course in Devon and since then have made and eaten kimchi as part of my staple diet. I started the business in Autumn of 2017 because I realised that friends and family really like the taste of the kimchi that I was making and that I also enjoyed the process of transforming food from a farm into something even more delicious and healthy. There were other kimchi brands out there, but none that I could see that were made in Bristol and also sourced the vegetables from nearby farms, which I thought was important due to my desire to have a closer connection to where food comes from. I'm inspired by local rowers, makers, artists and generally the spirit to be creative and independent Meet our producers Location



Vegan & Organic nut spreads made in my home kitchen in Bristol. Good for the gluten-free folk too! Great as an alternate to peanut butter. I hope you enjoy my nut butter... Mike 😊 Meet Our Producers Location