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Providing Healthy Food

We want to be part of a society where everyone has access to good food. We believe that one of the best ways of ensuring this is to support the local food system, where we work with known and trusted food producers and suppliers and are confident about every element of production.

We also recognise the importance of a good diet to our health and want to inspire everyone to cook and eat the best food.

We believe that people in hardship do not just need access to any food. They need good food.  And we aim to supply this through our Real Economy Centres, at prices that people can afford, subsidised where necessary by our own Solidarity Fund.

Building Community Life

We want to be part of a society where no one need be alone. Our vision for our Real Economy Centres is that they are community hubs working for the good of the whole neighbourhood. Centred on growing food, preparing and eating a weekly common meal and by a process of food distribution, our Centres will encourage everyone who comes to engage in an activity for the good of themselves and others and so become a respected member of the community.

Re-imagining our Society

We want to be part of a society where we can work with others to transform our lives. Real Economy builds on the age-old realisation that food sharing has been at the heart of all human community life and that it can be the basis for re-imagination of the world we now live in. Our conversations will encourage us all to participate in a process of identifying key issues in our society today that prevent us fulfilling our potential together and working out how we can address these.