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Our aim is to establish Real Economy Centres to serve areas of the city where there are significant numbers of people in hardship.

Our pilot project in partnership with Sims Hill Shared Harvest is based on a community of people, often from the central area of the city, gathering each Thursday to do some work on the farm, preparing and cooking a meal together outside, joining in our monthly conversations and going away with some fresh food from the field. This community has grown steadily and is now making a valuable contribution to the life of the farm.

Our first neighbourhood Real Economy Centre opened in Southmead in August 2018. It already has a steady group of local residents who gather for a tasty lunch made with fresh produce on Thursdays, followed by community activities.

We are hoping to open further Real Economy Centres in future to build on our vision for a society where nobody needs to be hungry or lonely.

For more details about our vision and aims see our Feasibility Study