New products on the website!

//New products on the website!

New products on the website!

Sweet Maple Aged Pickled Cucumbers, From Ginger Beard’s Preserves! Availalble in the Jams,Pickels and Preserves category

A word from the producer : “The idea behind the product came from techniques used when making beer, breweries often age their beer in barrels or with wood so we wanted to try and replicate this with the cucumbers. The product took almost a year to develop and it takes three months to produce a batch. We age maple wood chips with a cider vinegar for two months before using the vinegar to pickle the cucumbers resulting in a sweet crunch and semi-dry finish these pickled cucumbers are great with burgers, paté, fish and charcuterie.”

Enriched Oatly Drink, in Dairy Alternative category,

Sunflower Seed Butter

Organic Sunflower Spread

Rice Flour– Gluten Free

Corn Flour-Organic

– Ground Flaxseed– Organic


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