Next Tuesday there is a meeting of the Co-operative to decide about forming a Community Food Centre network in addition to our existing work.

Chris Sunderland and Florence Pardoe have spent the last six months researching how this could be implemented in Bristol. They have concluded that

“there is the potential to develop a community food centre network that will significantly augment current provision in the city for vulnerable people and people in crisis. This network will not address food poverty as a standalone issue, but actively engage with the complex personal situations of the most vulnerable people, with their associated range of public health and other needs, through the development of a local community of health and well-being.”

The research was done through our partners Project Agora and the report has just been published. It contains all sorts of detail about the new project and is available here. The idea has been inspired by similar initiatives in Canada.

On Tuesday Feb 7th 2017 members will be asked to adopt some new model rules with a revised set of objects that restructure our organisation as a charitable community benefit society and allow for this new direction. Here is a copy of the resolution. We hope that as many members as possible will attend.

The meeting will be held at St Werburgh’s Community Centre 6.30 until 8pm.