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Project Description

Source is a direct result of a desire to bring high quality food to Bristol. We offer a wide menu and fresh produce to suit all budgets and therefore we aim to encourage and enthuse everybody to eat a higher quality of food. As one of the best independent food retailers in Bristol we are ideally positioned to link the best local producers to our customers.

Source is strictly seasonal, which means keeping an eye on the weather and talking to lots of foragers, fishermen, game dealers, farmers and other food producers. By keeping our ears open for rumours of different finds and catches we are ideally placed in the supply chain to bring you the best produce from all over Britain.

We believe that Britain has changed dramatically over the past few years with regards to the way we view food. We no longer put up with the bland and uninteresting but demand more for our money. As the big supermarkets move in to every area of our lives and squeeze out every other retailer from our high streets, Source is going to get stronger and build on the public demand for responsible, fair and interesting food. Owner operated and ethically run we offer a viable alternative to supermarket shopping.

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