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Project Description

We think it important to let you know

  • Where your food comes from
  • Who produced it
  • How they produced it
  • Exactly what went into it
  • And to help the environment and the local economy

We also

  • Use the minimum of packaging
  • Minimise food miles
  • Give preference to food produced in Somerset,┬áitems sourced from further a field will often be fair trade and/or organic.

On Tuesday morning we collate all of our customers orders and contact our “family” of suppliers to set in motion the gathering together of your order to be boxed up and delivered to your door on Thursday or Friday, in time for the weekend.We are not a faceless organisation only interested in your cash. There is always a friendly and helpful voice at the end of the phone, should you need to contact us and you will probably build up a good working relationship with your regular driver who will happily help you unpack your box at the time of delivery should you so wish.

We are a business, of course, but we would like to think that we offer a friendly and ethically sound service that helps the Somerset community thrive.

Meet our producers

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