It’s story time

//It’s story time

It’s story time

When was the last time you wandered through a supermarket and thought about where all those goods came from? Who produced them, and what are their lives like? If you think “Hmm, never, actually” you are probably not alone. Supermarkets just don’t inspire that kind of musing. People are rushing around and as products are bulk produced.

But wouldn’t shopping be so much more fun if you connected with the products you buy and their producers? That’s definitely part of the appeal of going to a farmers market. We think that just because you buy your groceries online doesn’t mean you don’t get to be curious about where they come from. So every now and then we’ll pick a product or producer and tell you a little story. Here’s one from Portugal.

Caixero Olive Oil

This delicious gourmet olive oil has it all: Quality, attitude, ethics and quite a journey. In 2006 some young olive oil producers in Portugal got together to form the YEP Cooperative, celebrating produce from their region, quality, excellence and “irreverence”. Yes, that’s right – they have irreverence as one of their founding principles.

This oil in particular starts its life as olives grown on a small farm that is currently undergoing the process of becoming certified organic. They are 2 ½ years into the 3 year process and practice traditional organic growing methods. The oil is then pressed in the cooperative’s shared mill on an old family estate. From there it continues its journey to the UK on board a tall ship. We like to think this is because its irreverence is fit for pirates, but actually it’s a deliberate and laudable choice to reduce the carbon footprint of transporting the oil.

So if you like your food served with stories and emotions, you can’t do much better than drizzle in some of this delicious oil. Put it in next weeks’ shop with us – you won’t find it in the aisle at the supermarket. They don’t wait for sailboats to arrive.

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