The Real Economy Cooperative is working for a better type of food system and to offer a real alternative to supermarkets.

So how does it work? You join a local Real Food Club (or start one if there isn’t one in your area!) – it’s quick and free to join, just sign up on the page for the food club you want to join. Then login and make your weekly order using our simple online tool (buying periods are open from Friday at 2pm til Monday at midnight). If you want to see what’s available, browse our central shop to get an idea of what’s available – the aim is that you can do your whole weekly shop through us!

The producers deliver directly to our central Food Hub, and then we package up your order in reusable packaging (including cool pouches) and deliver it out to your collection point (usually on a Thursday afternoon). You get to order everything you need for a week from one place, and we work closely with local producers to make sure you get the best produce possible and they get paid a fair price.

But that’s not all! Everyone who orders food through us is invited to be part of a local Real Food Club, whose members may choose to put on a whole range of social events around food, perhaps sharing a meal together, learning a new recipe or making food for the members to share.

Some of our food clubs are based in homes, cafes and community centres and we hope to open our first school-based club soon.

We’re a not-for-profit cooperative, so we take as little money as possible from producers to keep food prices fair for all.

Find a Real Food Club

Here is our list of active food clubs, click each logo for more details and to visit the online shop for the group


Bristol Uni Food Club


We collect each Thursday afternoon from the Hawthorns Cafe on Woodland Road at 2.45pm.

southmead (1)

Southmead Food Club


We collect each Thursday afternoon from Southmead Community Centre, between 3.00pm and 4.15pm.



We collect our food from Webb Street on a Thursday afternoon between 4 and 6.30pm.


Victoria Park

We collect every Thursday afternoon at 3.15pm from the library at Victoria Park Primary School.

stwerbs (1)

St Werburghs Food Club

We collect each Thursday afternoon from St Werburghs Community Centre on Horley Road, between 4.30pm and 6.30pm.


Thingwall Park Food Club


We collect each Thursday afternoon from Everest Road between 4.30pm and 6.30pm


Fishponds Food Club

We collect each Thursday afternoon from 4pm at the Kingfisher Cafe, Straits Parade


Greenway Centre


We collect each Thursday afternoon from the cafe in the Greenway Centre


Montpelier Buying Group


We collect from Richmond Road in Montpelier on a Thursday afternoon. 


St Pauls Buying Group


We are a group based in the St Paul’s area. We collect our orders from St Pauls Learning Centre on a Thursday afternoon/evening 


Barton Hill


Our Barton Hill group meets at Cafe Conscious on Avonvale Road



Avonmouthful is connecting with people and groups that meet at Avonmouth Community Centre.

Chilli Peppers


We are based in Emersons Green and collect our food from 50 Guest Ave, BS16 7GA



Group based at the Corn Exchange, St Nicholas Market

If there isn’t a Real Food Club in your area?

If there isn’t a group in your area, send us a message so we can get in touch to have a chat about how to get started.

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