New collection point in BS3

We are happy to announce that the Southville Community Centre will become a new collection point! Order will start to be placed on Thursday the 21st of June for a collection the Thursday the  28th of June, from 3pm to 8pm. We thank them a lot for supporting us!

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Bites and Heat Cream

Bites and Heat Cream - with 3 versions of the herb plantain this cream will take the sting or heat out of any area of skin. Although we tend to reach for Dock leaves when we sting ourselves on nettles, the very common herb Plantain is actually more effective at reducing the sting and calming [...]

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When good taste meets good health! Try Tamar’s Kimchi!

Tamar's kimchi are made in Bristol with organic produce sourced from a Somerset farm. Naturally fermented and unpasteurised, they contains probiotic bacteria that are beneficial to gut health and overall wellbeing. Try it! Click here. Available in the Jams, Pickles, Preserves category or Organic category.  

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Free visit to the Street Goat at Troopers Hill

Street Goat is a community urban farming project based in Troopers Hill Bristol. Join us for a free visit to the goats on Saturday 26th of May 11am. Children are welcome but little ones on shoulders as the goats will treat them as new herb members and try to boss those smaller than themselves. Allotment [...]

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New products on the website!

- Sweet Maple Aged Pickled Cucumbers, From Ginger Beard's Preserves! Availalble in the Jams,Pickels and Preserves category A word from the producer : "The idea behind the product came from techniques used when making beer, breweries often age their beer in barrels or with wood so we wanted to try and replicate this with the cucumbers. [...]

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We are recruiting

We are delighted to report that we can now recruit to our long awaited post of Community Food Centre Development Worker, whose task will be to establish our first community food centre. The full job description is here We look forward to your application. Please pass news of this post on to your friends. Closing [...]

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