Real Economy is recruiting a Sales Manager

Real Economy is seeking a Sales Manager whose sole responsibility will be to increase sales of locally and ethically sourced food to the people of Bristol. Real Economy is a values-driven initiative determined to focus on ‘good food’ understood as good for the farmer, good for the earth and good for us. It is structured [...]

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It’s Organic September

Organic food is food as it should be, it's inspected and certified from farm to fork and it's available nationwide. The more people buying organic food means the more organic farms. More organic farms means fewer pesticides, more wildlife and more animals raised under the highest standards. The choices you make with the food you eat [...]

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We are inviting you to a Supper&Talk “Reimagining our food system”

Let's imagine a food system where no one need be hungry and no one need be alone and where food is a vehicle for social change. We want to create a kinder, fairer society living in a better relationship with one another and the earth. Become part of the resistance! ---- Discussion about our food system, [...]

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‘Behind Closed Doors’ An Exhibition on Food Insecurity in the UK: Bristol

Join End Hunger UK for the opening night of a new exhibition highlighting food insecurity in the UK today. Behind Closed Doors is the result of the collaboration between three photographers (Ursula Kelly, Huw Nicholls and James Lane), a graphic artist (John Reeves) and an academic (Jon May, Queen Mary University of London). Speakers include: [...]

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The nut butter man!

You surely have heard about Nutcessity and its delicious and nutritious nut butter, but you might not know much about the man behind it and the story of this Bristol based business set-up! Don't wait any longer and read this article!   Nutcessity products are available on our website, on Nutcessity producer's page,  or on [...]

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We have moved premisses!

We are really happy to join the team of the Southmead Community Centre in their building. It's a much more convenient place to receive our producers deliveries and the best of all is that we are in the heart of a vibrant community centre where we can start our  first Community Food Centre! Each Thursday, [...]

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Real Economy makes a hit at Southmead Festival

I think it was the goats that did it, but people flocked to our stall at Southmead Festival this weekend. Florence had also produced some mouthwatering bites, together with easy to use recipes to encourage us all to try some new cooking ideas. Lots of people took recipes away and we made some delicious [...]

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New collection point in BS3

We are happy to announce that the Southville Community Centre will become a new collection point! Order will start to be placed on Thursday the 21st of June for a collection the Thursday the  28th of June, from 3pm to 8pm. We thank them a lot for supporting us!

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