Sweet News!

We are working with a new supplier: Radek’s Chocolate Radek has been making handmade artisan chocolate from his home in Bristol since 2008. He discovered raw cacao beans while working at Bristol’s Café Maitreya. Then followed a period of intense experimenting and countless tastings, which - combined with great creativity - has brought us such [...]

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It’s story time

When was the last time you wandered through a supermarket and thought about where all those goods came from? Who produced them, and what are their lives like? If you think “Hmm, never, actually” you are probably not alone. Supermarkets just don’t inspire that kind of musing. People are rushing around and as products are [...]

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Calendar 2019!

We are happy to sell the beautiful calendar 2019 designed especially for the Landworkers' Alliance. The calendar contains 13 incredible and original Rosanna Morris lino prints of agricultural scenes, as well as twelve quirky historical anecdotes that give an overview of the creation of our contemporary food system Support them in their movement for a [...]

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Get ready to bake

We enjoyed the first taste of Christmas at the Real Economy office today. Hub Assistant Polly brought in her scrumptious Christmas Cake. While we don’t want to start the Christmas craze too early, making a Christmas cake is one exception - it gets better with time, after all! Traditionally, the cake is made on ‘Stir [...]

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Make the most of your pumpkin this Halloween

  Are you making a pumpkin lantern this Halloween? If so, have you planned some meals around using the flesh from the hollowed out pumpkin? A recent Guardian article reported that UK consumers will collectively waste an estimated 8 million pumpkins over the Halloween period. Reportedly over half of those who buy a pumpkin to [...]

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New VEGAN producer!

We are very pleased to welcome Righteous & Woke to our producers team! Righteous & Woke provides vegan deli food from Bristol. It's time to try the Chorisn’t, Ooh Mummy – Cultured Cashew Not-Cheese Spread, Bristol Blue Cashew, Avon Gorge – Aged, Cultured Cashew Not-Cheese.  

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Our Solidarity Fund is open!

This week sees the launch of our new Solidarity Fund. As you are checking out at the end of your shop you will be offered the chance to add £2 which will go to this fund, which will be used at our Real Economy Centres to provide good food for people who are at risk [...]

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Join us at our AGM 18.10.18

Real Economy Annual Meeting will be held in Classroom 1, St Paul’s Learning Centre, 94 Grosvenor Road, Bristol at 7pm on the Thursday October 18th 2018. All members of Real Economy, active customers, Centre participants and others who are interested are welcome to attend. Those who are not yet signed up members will be able [...]

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Real Economy is recruiting a Sales Manager

Real Economy is seeking a Sales Manager whose sole responsibility will be to increase sales of locally and ethically sourced food to the people of Bristol. Real Economy is a values-driven initiative determined to focus on ‘good food’ understood as good for the farmer, good for the earth and good for us. It is structured [...]

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It’s Organic September

Organic food is food as it should be, it's inspected and certified from farm to fork and it's available nationwide. The more people buying organic food means the more organic farms. More organic farms means fewer pesticides, more wildlife and more animals raised under the highest standards. The choices you make with the food you eat [...]

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