‘Behind Closed Doors’ An Exhibition on Food Insecurity in the UK: Bristol

//‘Behind Closed Doors’ An Exhibition on Food Insecurity in the UK: Bristol

‘Behind Closed Doors’ An Exhibition on Food Insecurity in the UK: Bristol

Join End Hunger UK for the opening night of a new exhibition highlighting food insecurity in the UK today.

Behind Closed Doors is the result of the collaboration between three photographers (Ursula Kelly, Huw Nicholls and James Lane), a graphic artist (John Reeves) and an academic (Jon May, Queen Mary University of London).

Speakers include:

Chris Sunderland, Real Economy, Bristol and trustee for both the Independent Food Aid Network and Feeding Bristol

Rachel Alcock, End Hunger UK Campaigner

The exhibition aims to raise awareness of the nature, scale, causes and experiences of food insecurity in Britain today. This opening night event will give you the opportunity to see the images and hear more about the exhibition and End Hunger UK’s campaign.

In putting together this project we also wanted to find a way in which people visiting the exhibition might be encouraged to connect with people living in household food insecurity, and to see something of themselves in the people who have been generous enough to share their portraits with us.

The exhibition features a set of portraits taken by Ursula with images of food taken by Huw and James. Ursula’s portraits aim to convey something of the range, but also the dignity, of people living in food insecurity. Huw’s and James’ images are deliberately styled to resonate, but also jar, with the glossy pictures of perfect plates of food that fill our magazines and cook books. These images are interspersed with a series of text panels (with information collated by Jon May, and designed by John Reeves) that combine a selection of people’s own accounts of food insecurity with some facts and figures that we feel convey something of its causes and scale.

We hope you can join us for this event.

Image ©James Lane and Huw Nicholls 2018


Thu 6 September 2018

18:00 – 19:30 BST At CentreSpace Bristol

Free booking here.

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