Real Economy – the concept

What is real about Real Economy? – we use real in the sense of what we care about

Real Economy cares about

  • Food – we will focus on food as the bedrock of all economy with enormous potential to enrich human society in terms of health, lifestyle and well-being.
  • The natural world – we recognise that human beings need to live in harmony with the natural world, respecting its limits and preserving its diversity. We need to treat the soil, the plants and the animals as participants with us in the great web of life.
  • People – we look for a creative economy that is built on efficient, fair and transparent relationships between people, where each person is treated with dignity and respect.

What do you do?

We set up Real Food Clubs, which order their food directly from local producers for delivery to a collection point in their neighbourhood. The clubs also encourage their members to take an interest in food, often cooking together, discovering new tastes and recipes, or visiting a farm so they can see where it all comes from. We pay particular attention to areas where people have little food choice and are on tight budgets. Every member of our Real Food Clubs also becomes a member of the Real Economy Co-operative which is a not-for-profit, member-owned organisation working to enrich community life through food and enterprise.

Meet the Real Economy Team

Chris Sunderland
Chris SunderlandExecutive Director
Steph Wetherell
Steph WetherellExecutive Director
Steph deals with the day to day running of the operation, liaising with our members and producers, handling our communications and marketing, and ensuring the best food reaches our members each week.
Delphine Briere
Delphine BriereAdmin Officer & Food Hub Assistant
Delphine deals with the day to day finances in the office, and also packs the orders and keeps the food hub in order each week.
Van OD
Van ODDelivery
We’ve partnered with Van OD, a Bristol based delivery service, to deliver our orders out across the city.

Our Directors

Graham Woodruff
Graham WoodruffDirector
Carol Laslett
Carol LaslettDirector
Ex-librarian, grandmother, urban goatkeeper, trying to change the world ( still !! ) ,growing veggies where ever I can!
Ramona Andrews
Ramona AndrewsDirector
Ramona Andrews, Board Member of Real Economy and freelance food writer and digital content producer
Dave Fung
Dave FungDirector
Dave Fung, Owner of Little Wild Catering, Manager of Old Market Assembly Bakery, general cook, forager, allotmenter and foodie.
Dave GrantDirector
Roberta SunderlandDirector