Real Economy started out as a food cooperative and it continues this work. People place a weekly online order for food from our range of local and ethical producers. We receive the food from producers, sort it, pack it and distribute it to collection points around the city. We have recently begun home delivery in some areas.

But…over the years our thinking and practice have developed. We have always paid special attention to getting healthy food into areas of the city where many people are in difficult circumstances and this has now developed into a plan for a network of ‘Community Food Centres’, which we hope to  launch in 2017/18.   Each Community Food Centre will offer …

M    Meal cooked from scratch with the help of participants

A     Activities programme associated with healthy lives and personal resilience, like growing food, cooking,  making  and repairing

R     Re-imagining our society in a series of conversations starting with the food system

C     Collection of food and ordering food for next week

O    Outreach by teams of trained volunteers offering healthy food and company to isolated people in the neighbourhood

At a community food centre there are no evident distinctions between those who receive food aid and those who pay for their food. All participate as equals and as citizens. Participants shape the programme of the centre.

We call this the MARCO definition of a community food centre.

We are also developing land-based community food centres, which are special because they are  based at food growing projects and the activities are largely outdoor. We currently have a land-based centre in partnership with Sims Hill Shared Harvest at the Feed Bristol site.

We have become a charitable community benefit society in order to manage the work with the community food centres.

We have also formed a trading company known as Real Economy Trading Company Limited which manages the sale of food.  This trading subsidiary is owned by the charity and its profits go to the charity.

Meet the Real Economy Team

Chris Sunderland
Chris SunderlandExecutive Director
Delphine Briere
Delphine BriereOperations Manager
Delphine deals with the all management of our trading subsidiary: updating the website, liaising with producers and members, admin and accountancy…
Laurie King
Laurie KingCommunity worker
Laurie is piloting the first land based community food centre which invites people to help on the Sims Hill farm to get the benefits of accessing good quality and healthy food.
Van OD
Van ODDelivery
We’ve partnered with Van OD, a Bristol based delivery service, to deliver our orders out across the city.

Our Directors

Graham Woodruff
Graham WoodruffDirector
Carol Laslett
Carol LaslettDirector
Ex-librarian, grandmother, urban goatkeeper, trying to change the world ( still !! ) ,growing veggies where ever I can!
Ramona Andrews
Ramona AndrewsDirector
Ramona Andrews, Board Member of Real Economy and freelance food writer and digital content producer
Dave Fung
Dave FungDirector
Dave Fung, Owner of Little Wild Catering, Manager of Old Market Assembly Bakery, general cook, forager, allotmenter and foodie.
Dave GrantDirector
Roberta SunderlandDirector