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    We source healthy food from local producers, making sure the food is as affordable as possible

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    We treat everyone in the food chain with respect including the person who grows the food

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    Real Economy is more than just a way to buy or sell food. It’s a collective of people who want to transform the current food system.

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There is an alternative to supermarkets

The Real Economy is more than just a way to buy or sell food. It’s a food cooperative for people who care about food and our food system. We’re committed to sourcing fresh and locally produced food as directly as possible from the people who grow and make it, and to giving them a fair price for their produce. You can read more about what we are trying to do and why here.

How does the Real Economy work?

You join your local food club (contact us if there isn’t one near you) – it’s free to join, simply register on your nearest food club site. Each week you place an order with local producers using our simple online tool that is accessed through your food club page (click here to see an example shop). The producers deliver the food to our Food Hub in central Bristol, and we package up your order in reusable bags and chill pouches, and deliver it out to your local food club collection point on a Thursday afternoon. You come by and collect it, and enjoy fresh and delicious food all week.

We have a wide range of producers, from organic boxes and vegetables to farm fresh meat, sustainably sourced fish to freshly baked bread. The aim is that you should be able to do your entire weekly shop through us, and we’d love to hear from you if there are new items if you’d like us to stock.